Our guest for today is Daniil Mayatskiy - photographer from Kharkov, Ukraine


Daniil, please tel us how your passion to photography has began? What was your first camera's brand?

First of all I want to thank God for my parents, because thanks to their care and support I developed an interest to Arts. My father was a photographer during Soviet times and I was a little boy when I started to ask him to allow me inside of his room with a red light (those who worked with films will understand me :)) And I was watching him working: film development, all those trays with chemical substances, photomagnifier, glazer etc. And my mom was a retoucher (modern "photoshopper" :). And when I was a teen I took my father's "Zenit" and photographed my friends.



And where did your photo path lead you afterwards, why have you decided to do this kind of Art as a professional?

Afterwards there was a big gap in my photo career, digital age started and film stepped aside, my father stoped working as a photographer and his equipment was all dusted on the shelves. I've worked in different spheres (from a builder to a sales manager), but I always had this attraction to Arts. And in 2010 one of my friends suggested me to try a new business - micro stocks. I started from 3D modeling, vector graphics and in 2014 I bought my first Canon 6D and started to refresh my memory of the basics of Photo art  (I have to tell that with a digital camera everything is much more easier :)) , but there is still a long road for me to reach a high professional level :)


How do you think, why people like to photogrpah?

With the help of photography you can save those moments of life, that you would not be able to recreate in the future, and that later on can be alive only on the photo and you will be able to go back to them again and again while looking at the picture.


In what ways do you think it is possible to glorify God through the photography? How do you do it yourself?

There are many ways to do it. I also shoot video (Canon 6D is very good at this task) and there are many chirstian projects for which I made promo videos. I photograph "naturemortes" on christian themes, which christian people can use afterwards (screensaver, magazines, etc.). All my works are on sale in stocks, but if somebody is ineterested in any of my works for non commercial purposes I am ready to share :)


And at the end of your interview please give an advise to beginners in photography: what do they need to pay attention to in the first place? Where to start?

I personally started with paying attention to the works of popular photographers and 3D modellers, because I wanted to make some money on stocks, and the images were being saved in my memory, which I implemented into life aftrewards. But first of all - it is all about Arts and it shouldn't be determined by a commercial interest in the first place and that is why you need to "Create with Enjoyment" and then, with time, you will find your own niche in this interesting business.


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